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Welcome To My Website

Thanks for visiting my website. If you are familiar with my site, you might notice that there have been a few changes lately! 

There are many exciting things planned for 2021. One of the first is just on the far right of your screen. It used to say Reviews for Danielle but that has been swapped out. Now there is a brand new section: Featured Book of the Month. Our inaugural book is The Boy Between by Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley. There was really no contest when I read this. I feel that this is probably one of the most important books that is going to be released this year. 

The Boy Between is the story of Josiah's terrifying battle against depression. Now, some might be scoffing at me here. Isn't terrifying a strong word? Not in this case. Josiah and his parents tried desperately to get help for but was failed by the establishment at every turn. Things got so bad that he bought tablets from the internet and PLANNED HIS OWN DEATH. Does that shock you? Imagine how his mother - award winning author Amanda Prowse - felt when she was told. She was thousands of miles away. Helpless. Josh needed her and she had to appear on television, pretending everything was wonderful while her heart was breaking. Wherever they went, the family's cries for help were blocked. 

It's such a powerful read. I wish I could say more about it - I will (and have) on social media! - but in the meantime, please go ahead and visit the featured book segment. We do have a very exciting announcement - our first ever competition! Check it out - FULL DETAILS WILL BE REVEALED IN MY BLOG NEXT WEEK - and on Facebook 

So, speaking of my blog, that's my second big change.  You may be wondering why I've taken my blog down. Well, I haven't. But, because of the changes I have planned, we (my friend, Amanda runs my website and her husband Steve designs websites professionally (check out his information here: ) opted to save one slot to allow me one extra segment later on. In the meantime,we have moved the blog to the CONTACT page. If you click on contact the blog will will pop up immediately. 

Thank you again for being so supportive - I can't believe we are approaching 10,000 visitors - in just over 2 years! That's incredible. Thank you guys!

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